Back to Bryce and Zion


Inspiration Point

For her college graduation trip, my daughter Arden and I spent a long weekend in Zion with a quick trip to Bryce  Here is what you might see in a three day weekend. Continue reading


Big Foreground – How to make one of the “classic” landscape photographs


Temple of the Moon, Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, UT

When I first decided I wanted to be a better nature photographer, I started looking at all of the images of the world’s best and famous photographers.  One kind of photo that always appealed to me (and many other people) is the near-far wide angle view popularized by David Muench.  Here is how I try to get that look. Continue reading

Photographing Sunrise in Zion National Park

West Temple Sunrise from the Pine Creek Bridge

As I and many others have written before, the best time to photograph is the golden hour of sunrise and sunset.  When we were recently in Zion, we were able to shoot three sunrises.  We stuck near the visitor center and main road.  Here is a short description of how to get a good sunrise shot in Zion. Continue reading

Photographing the Watchman in Zion National Park

The Watchman with Rabbitbrush

The Watchman is the most photographed icon in Zion National Park for a couple of reasons.  First, it is a beautiful and shapely rock mountain that happens to “face” the valley from the South and it glows at sunset.  Second, it is near the South Visitor Center and is easily seen from the paved and much used Pa’rus Trail.  Most photographers feel obliged to have a good Watchman shot in their collection and you should too.  The challenge is how to put your personal touch on an iconic shot.  Here’s how. Continue reading