Mary’s Top Photos of 2016

Winter sunset in Tucson

Winter sunset in Tucson

What a great exercise to look back at a year’s worth of images, re-live the moments when I pushed the shutter, and reflect on the variety of experiences I had.  Every year when Peter asks me (or rather forces me) to do this, I always think “I didn’t really shoot much this year that would make my top 10”.  When I had gathered 25 images and was still adding I realized that I rarely left home with out a camera (or two) in hand.  I think maybe I will post a top 10 iPhone photos of the year too! Continue reading


Photographing Slot Canyons in Page, AZ


The Antelope slot canyons are on every photographer’s bucket list.  Whether you are a serious photographer,or a hiker, or nature lover, they should be on your bucket list too.  Here is what you might see:

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