Mary’s Favorite Photos From 2017

1710_MFA_Eastern Sierra IR_426

Well, that time of year has come again.  It’s the time when Peter insists on engaging in some sadomasochistic form of torture by insisting I cull through 1000+ photographs and pick my favorites.  Its akin to asking someone to pick their favorite child.  At least this year he gave me 15, instead of the usual 10. Continue reading


Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2017

Barker Dam, Joshua Tree National Park

It’s that time of year again, to reflect on all of our trips and pick my favorite photos from 2017.  We went on 11 “named trips” including our epic two weeks in New Zealand.  I tried to pick at least one photo from each of our trips.  Here are my favorite 15 photos in chronological order. Continue reading

Another weekend in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park


Our trusty red Jeep in front of the Parker Group

Mary and I spent the long July 4th weekend in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.  We were looking for bears and flowers in Sequoia and we made our first trip through Kings Canyon to see the waterfalls.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

How to Photograph Trees

Napa Valley orchard on a rainy day

There is something primitive about our love for trees.  No matter where you are or the type of trees you may find, there is something appealing about them.  They provide shelter, food, materiale, and beauty.  It may seem easy, obvious, and terribly basic to photograph trees, but I think with a little planning and thoughtfulness, we can capture trees even better.  Here is how: Continue reading

Five Ways to Make Better Photos Now

Beetle Rock, Sequoia National Park, CA (Notice the Rule of Thirds)

Photography is both so easy and so hard.  It’s easy because we all do it and with the proliferation of cell phone cameras and digital cameras and photo-sharing software, we have way too many photos AND too few good ones.  Here are five easy ways to make better photos without going to class or reading a book or even practicing for that matter. Continue reading

Why I Use Live View

Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ

I think one of the best innovations in high end DSLRs is the incorporation of “Live View”.  Live View gives you the ability to use the Preview/Review screen on the back of your camera to make photographs.  I will be using Canon “terms” in this blog as that is the equipment we use. Continue reading

A Weekend in Sequoia National Park

I have been to Sequoia three times in the last four years. Mary and I went out there in 2008; we also took Athen and Arden in 2009; and this past weekend, I took my Dad. Sequoia is his favorite National Park. He lived in Three Rivers, just below the Park, for a number of years and worked in the Sequoia in various positions as a young man.

One thing I really like about the southern end of Sequoia is that all the major attractions are within 15 minutes of each other if you base out of the Wuksachi Village Hotel.  Because of the significant snowfall this winter, much of the Park was still covered with a blanket of snow and many of the trails were completely covered.  Here is an agenda you can do in a weekend. Continue reading