Infrared photos of the Bay Area from an airplane

Downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge

A while back, a photographer friend, Ron Black, showed us his infrared photos from an airplane.  They were really cool.  We were hooked.  Now, when we get a chance, we try to get a window seat and pull our cameras.  Here are a few from a flight from Oakland to Ontario. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing through a Prisim


Prism photography San Francisco Financial District

I was recently inspired by a Lindsey Adler image,  It was a geometrical abstract portrait she shot on a rooftop in New York City.  Never someone to pass up the opportunity for a project that requires my favorite handy man’s help, I set out to explore this technique with my own interpretation. Continue reading

He saw. She saw. A walk around San Francisco

Pier 7

Pier 7

A couple of Saturdays ago, Mary and I went on a great six mile walk through the east side of San Francisco.  We started in Union Square, walked down to the Ferry Building, then along the water to Fisherman’s Warf and Ghirardelli Square, through Little Italy and finally through Chinatown.  There was a lot to see and photograph.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Peter’s Favorite 15 Photos from 2013

#3 Badwater Basin sunset

#3 Badwater Basin sunset, Death Valley, CA

It’s that time again, when Mary and I reflect on all of our great trips from the past year.  We review all of our photos and edit and back them up.  I know Mary always wants me to get down to ten, but herewith, are my favorite 15 photos from 2013.  Which ones do you like best? Continue reading

Photographing Mission San Francisco de Asis (Delores)

Front of the Old Mission

Front of the Old Mission

Mary and I are well on our way to finishing our project to photograph all 21 California missions. We have completed 16 and will finish by year end.  San Francisco de Asis is in the Mission District of San Francisco south of Market.  Though it is in the middle of the city, it has a nice small courtyard, the old mission, and the new church (Delores).  Here is what you might see: Continue reading

Photography Project – Square Photographs

1308_MFA_San Francisco_158-Edit

Last week I shared some of my initial experiments with square photographs. This week, I’ve posted additional attempts while I was in San Francisco. I set out again with my Holga lens and tried to see the city “square”.

Continue reading

Is that photo real?

The Golden Gate from the Marin Headlands processed in Nik's SilverEffects Pro

The Golden Gate from the Marin Headlands processed in Nik’s SilverEffects Pro

Because of software, especially PhotoShop, the line between photography and art is increasingly blurring.  People are becoming skeptical of what they see.  One of the things that can be frustrating for any photographer when showing photos is the overt or covert accusation that somehow,someway, your photo is “fake” or overly “enhanced” in Photoshop.  Most of the time this is done with a simple question, “Did you Photoshop that?”  Well, of course I did.  It’s called processing.  All photos, whether film or digital, need to be and should be processed.  I think the more interesting question is how much processing is just right?  Too much and the photo starts to look fake or unreal…too little and it looks flat and uninteresting.  Here’s an example. Continue reading

Creating a painting from a photograph

San Francisco's Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown

I very rarely will post my original images, in part because I don’t want to drive my guru and friend, Jack Graham, to tears wondering if he has wasted hours of his life teaching me to photograph.  I look at every photograph I make and try to remember what it was that compelled me to push the shutter.  I mean there had to be something there that I reacted to and was willing to invest time in taking, editing, and processing an image.  This was one of those images. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. The Mission San Francisco Solano


Mary and I were in Sonoma with some friends to taste wine and we made some time to photograph the mission in Sonoma and some other fun stuff.  It was a terribly overcast and cold day.  These were not ideal shooting conditions, but we can’t chose the weather conditions.  We have to adjust to them.  Here is what I saw and did. Continue reading

A Weekend in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach Parking Lot

San Francisco may be the most picturesque city in America and and one of the best in the world.  There are many photography opportunities.  It would be hard to get to all of the places in one trip or weekend, especially if you want to capture it all in the right light.  Here are some great places to shoot if you are staying in the city (we stayed in the Embarcadero). Continue reading