Photography Project: Cheap Creative Portraits

Portraits in plastic

I always plan a portrait session when the girls visit.  They are usually game to give things a try, and sometimes they walk away with an Insta pic to post.  This time I was inspired by a YouTube video by Gavin Hooey.  He used a plastic dust cover bought at the dollar store.  As with most videos, it was a lot harder to execute than it seemed. Continue reading


Dino Kitchen – The adventures of two wayward dinosaurs


Inspiration comes from strange places.  On a trip last year to Arizona with our friends, Mark and Cat, their enthusiasm for toy dinosaurs was contagious.  I couldn’t help myself, and returned with Bob and Nancy.  I am currently suffering through a creative valley, and am looking for sparks anywhere they can be found.  So here we go, the first episode about two dinosaurs that are currently roaming around my kitchen.   Continue reading

Photography Project: Techniques for Fall Leaves


This week I decided to take one subject, and apply different techniques.  This involved having Peter wait patiently in a parking lot as I dug through fallen leaves to find the perfect assortment of colors and shapes.  Then I had to carefully protect them on the drive home.  And much to Peter’s chagrin, I confiscated a key baking dish (much needed for the holiday cooking) to create my ice picture.  I am happy to report, that Peter still likes me (if not my projects). Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing Super Close

1304_MFA_Super Macro_034-Edit

“Why is there a weed in the kitchen?” Peter asks with that worried tone that indicates he’s either afraid it will contaminate our food, or something worse, that I am trying to figure out how to incorporate it into our new Vegan diet.  I recently used a gift certificate to become the new owner of Canon’s 65mm Macro lens.  This has to be the most challenging piece of equipment I own.  Born with a stubborn streak that rivals that of a two-year old, and not one to quit easily, I have spent the better part of the last week fighting to conquer it.  The lens appears to be winning. Continue reading