Photography Project: Photographing Las Vegas Through a Prism

The Venitian through a prism

A few weeks ago I published a blog about photographing San Francisco through a homemade prism.  I’ve become pretty attached to this thing and am now scheming on how I can photograph ever major city I visit through this prism (if it was only easier to transport). Continue reading


Photography Project: Photographing through a Prisim


Prism photography San Francisco Financial District

I was recently inspired by a Lindsey Adler image,  It was a geometrical abstract portrait she shot on a rooftop in New York City.  Never someone to pass up the opportunity for a project that requires my favorite handy man’s help, I set out to explore this technique with my own interpretation. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing People through a Prism


After experimenting with prisms on things, I turned my focus to the girls.  They are always great about playing along.  Following the principles I shared last week, I focused on simplifying the scene and making sure they were strong as the central image. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing through a Prism

Natualis Shell through a Prism

Natualis Shell through a Prism

Ever since I did the photography project using a kaleidoscope, I’ve become enamored with prisms.  I bought a triangular prism through a school science supply company, carried it with me for a year, but never really mastered the technique.  When I discovered vintage prism filters that fit on your camera lens, I thought I had stumbled onto nirvana. Continue reading