Photography Project: Portraits with a dominant color

Dreamy portrait in blue

After much frustration photographing our kids and family, Peter and I have started to venture into portrait photography.  We’ve found that it helps us see the light differently when making our landscape images.  This week, I asked a couple of friends if they would help me with my project.  Creating two portraits showcasing one color, blue, but with two different feelings. Continue reading


Processing Portraits


A couple of weeks ago, Peter wrote about a studio lighting class we attended at LACP.  It was a hard, thrilling day.  I had a chance to learn more about light and shadow, but also an opportunity to try out some different processing techniques. Continue reading

Creating Infrared Portraits


I have been shooting with a converted infrared camera for a few years, mostly landscape.  I’m always struck by the other-worldly quality of infrared portraits, but mine have always turned out on the vampire side, and a bit creepy.  A few weeks ago, I took a 30 minute 1:1 tutorial with Dan Wampler from LifePixel, and he set me on a new course for this journey. Continue reading

Why We Love Square Photos or 1:1’s


Sunrise in Healdsburg, CA

Most of us are shooting a 3:2 aspect ratio which is equivalent to a 35 mm full frame sensor or film.  Some micro four thirds and point and shoots use a 4:3 aspect ratio. Common cameras do not come with a native 1:1 aspect ratio, but here are a few good reasons to shoot 1:1 or crop 1:1. Continue reading

Photography Project: Story Portraits


I’m always looking for a different way to take a portrait.  I think with all of the cameras and picture-taking, people, especially teenage girls, have practiced poses that they do over, and over.  This week family members let me take a most unflattering portrait of them, the jailhouse mugshot, in an attempt to create something unique. Continue reading

Easy and Powerful Tips for Better Portraits

Our daughters, Athen and Arden

Our daughters, Athen and Arden

As you all know from looking at our websites and reading our blogs, we have said nothing about portraits.  It is not that we never make photos of people, it’s just that portraits are not our expertise.  However, we do make photos of friends and family and I do have some key tips for making your photos better, especially this time of year with all of the family visits and holiday parties.  Here’s how: Continue reading