Photography Project: Creating a split toned fine art image in Lightroom

Dallas International Terminal

*Sigh*  I have hit the dreaded dry creative well.  I haven’t pulled my camera out in weeks, and have been coming up dry on inspiration.  I’ve had some different blog ideas using ideas from books I’ve been reading.  They just haven’t come together….yet.  So this week, I turned to my huge binder full of magazine clippings and thumbed through it until I could find a processing technique to apply to an image in my “unprocessed” folder.  Yes, I have one of those.  Full of images, I couldn’t quite delete, but did not have the energy to process.  This week, I learned some things about Lightroom, I didn’t know even after using it for 8 years.  Below is a step-by-step of the process to create your own split-toned arty image, and a way to do it if you don’t have Lightroom. Continue reading


Photographing Chimpanzees at the Zoo

1605_MFA_Los Angeles_055

I write this post with some trepidation that I might stir up a debate about captive wild animals.  I am personally conflicted every time I visit a wild animal park or zoo.  I leave with a feeling that the animals should be free with space to roam, and also a much deeper appreciation for the natural world around me.  My favorite time to visit the zoo is spring and early summer.  There are usually baby animals, and I find the interaction of the “children” within their communities captivating.  Peter and I visited the zoo twice in a week, and each time we spent about an hour watching and photographing the chimpanzees. Continue reading

Photography project: Create a gritty monotone

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Sometimes I get an image, that has the right feel, but has a lot of things against it technically speaking.  I actually tossed this image, and then resurrected it from the recycle bin after reading how to do a gritty monotone technique.  The article suggested working with a street scene; being a nature photographer I used what I had…. Continue reading