Alabama Hills in Monochrome

The night before we drove home from Bishop, Mary convinced me to “sleep-in” until 7 AM because there was not going to be any good sky the next morning.  We decided we would photograph the Alabama Hills the next morning in infrared.  Our “go-to” sunny day solution.  Here is what we made. Continue reading


How to Photograph Arch Walk in Lone Pine, CA

Lathe Arch

Lathe Arch with Lone Pine Peak (left)  and Mount Whitney (center)

The Lathe and Mobius Arches are the two most famous and most photographed arches in California.  With a bit of planning and a little time, you can get your own photo of these unique structures.  Here’s how. Continue reading

He Saw…..She Saw

Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA

One of the many benefits and joys of photographing as a couple is that we “see” differently.  Mary loves her 70-200 mm lens and uses it the most.  I usually use my 24-105 mm lens.  I see big, grand, traditional landscapes and she sees the small landscapes, natural abstracts, and interesting details in shapes and colors.  Sometimes, we will literally be next to each other in the field and come home with completely different perspectives and photos.  Other times when we work a subject, our different perspectives create a more complete picture of the specific place and time.  Neither is right or wrong, just different.  Here are a few examples. Continue reading

A Weekend in the Eastern Sierra Nevada

The Mobius Arch

The vast area folded between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the White Inyo mountain range is dramatic, infinitely varied, and ultimately majestic.  The south-western end has the highest point in North America, Mount Whitney.  The Owens River Valley splits the area in two, and the 14,000 foot White Mountain Peak anchors the north-eastern end.  In contains the volcanic peak, Mammoth Mountain ski resort, as well as, Mono Lake, one of the oldest bodies of water on earth.  The two-laned CA Highway 395 is well-known, loved and hated, as the artery for ski bums to get their fix, and the only way to experience the entire valley (the “Eastside”) from end-to-end. Continue reading