He saw/She saw – Los Angeles Graffiti Art Walk

Mary and I went on a guided tour of graffiti/street art with Athen and Arden last month.  We both walked around with our Fuji XT-2s and zoom lenses.  As is the usual outcome, we came back with different points of view on what we saw.  Not sure one is better than the other, but show the range of perspectives between us.  Here is what we saw.

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Photography Project: Patterns at the Zoo

Zebra patterns

Zebra patterns

Even though nature photography is our thing, Peter and I are continuing to practice our wildlife photography.  I’m a believer in transference, what you learn in one discipline helps you be better in others.  We were at the zoo recently, and as usual in moments of dearth, I went to the extreme of my zoom lens to try to see the world differently. Continue reading

He saw. She saw. Graffiti Art in LA #2.


A couple weeks ago, Mary and I had a great experience touring the LA Arts District seeing and photographing street art.  Here is our blog post about how to visit the LA Arts District and make some of these photos yourself.  In this post, we’ll take a look at how Mary and I see the same subject differently. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creating Urban Abstracts


Last week Peter wrote about our experience photographing graffiti art in downtown LA.  It was a fascinating tour; I had no idea there were so many different, named, styles and approaches.  I found isolating shapes and colors great source material to create abstracts. Continue reading

Photography Project: Create a pencil sketch from a photograph

Sketch of moon bridge at the Huntington's Japanese Garden

Sketch of moon bridge at the Huntington’s Japanese Garden

Someday I will get myself enrolled in a proper art class, in the meantime I will continue to extend my photographic journey into different directions.  This week, I decided to give a pencil sketch technique a go. Continue reading

Mary Andrade’s Favorite Photos of 2014


I am always amazed looking back at the end of a year, how much we are able to pack into 365 days.  As I started on the dreaded annual exercise of picking my favorite 10 images, I realized that Peter had 20!!!!  So I have 20 too.  Because images have such a strong emotional resonance for me, they are my memories, it is hard when they don’t make the final cut. Continue reading

Photographing the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA


1404_MFA_Antelope Valley_049

The California Poppy (Golden poppyCalifornia sunlight, or cup of gold) is a species of flowering plant in the family Papaveraceae.  One of the best places to see poppies in the world is the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA.  Here is what you will see.

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Mary Andrade’s Favorite Photos from 2013

1308_MFA_San Francisco Infrared_033-Edit

Golden Gate and the City from the Marin Headlands

After a lot of posturing that I could get the number of my favorite photos down to ten in no time (because I had in my head we only had one big photography trip this year, so there wouldn’t be much to pick from), I decided parity with my husband was the easier route and left it at 15.  What was illuminating to me, was the variety of subjects and styles I explored this year, and the reinforcement of the old adage that you don’t need to go anywhere to take great photos – you can find great photos out your back door, in your kitchen, or even in your garage. Continue reading