Photography Project: Botanical Abstracts

Botanical Abstract

Botanical Abstract

A friend of mine took me to her local gardens for a couple of hours.  I often wonder, if the magic of flower photography will start to wear off, and I’ll get bored with taking close-ups of a single beautiful flower.  Then I go to the gardens and find an entirely new angle, like the patterns on the underside of a leaf. Continue reading

Photography Project: Techniques for Fall Leaves


This week I decided to take one subject, and apply different techniques.  This involved having Peter wait patiently in a parking lot as I dug through fallen leaves to find the perfect assortment of colors and shapes.  Then I had to carefully protect them on the drive home.  And much to Peter’s chagrin, I confiscated a key baking dish (much needed for the holiday cooking) to create my ice picture.  I am happy to report, that Peter still likes me (if not my projects). Continue reading