Mary’s Top Photos of 2016

Winter sunset in Tucson

Winter sunset in Tucson

What a great exercise to look back at a year’s worth of images, re-live the moments when I pushed the shutter, and reflect on the variety of experiences I had.  Every year when Peter asks me (or rather forces me) to do this, I always think “I didn’t really shoot much this year that would make my top 10”.  When I had gathered 25 images and was still adding I realized that I rarely left home with out a camera (or two) in hand.  I think maybe I will post a top 10 iPhone photos of the year too! Continue reading


Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2016

Sunset in Saguaro National Park

Sunset in Saguaro National Park, AZ

Mary and I had a great travel year in 2016.  We took 11 named trips including many weekend jaunts.  We had major trips to Tucson, Maine, Page (AZ), Death Valley, and New Mexico.  We had a variety of locations that were in major cities and in pretty remote locations.  Here are my favorite photos from 2016. Continue reading

Photographing motion blurs


I’ve written here before that I am trying to find a new zen with my endless focusing struggles.  I’ve been exploring creating abstracts by moving the camera for some time now.  Its not as easy as many think, I will often create 50+ images in the same place trying to get the framing and the speed of the movement just right to capture what I am after. Continue reading

Fall Color Close-ups


This is our fourth blog post about our ten day trip along the coast of Maine.  We did some hiking in Acadia and around Camden.  One of the most enjoyable challenges is finding and making close-up images.  Some of these were done with leaves on or close to the ground and some were made with telephoto lenses from afar.

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Photographing Fall Color in Maine


A small pond in Acadia

This is our third blog in a series about chasing Fall color in Maine.  Mary and I spent ten days travelling from Camden to Bar Harbor and Acadia.  Here are some of our favorite Fall color photographs.

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Photographing Lighthouses in Maine

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

Mary and I spent eight days in Maine in mid-October and caught the Fall color near peak and before a big storm blew in on October 30.  We did not photograph every lighthouse in Maine, but we made a good run at the ones between Portland and Acadia.  Here they are: Continue reading

Mary Andrade’s Favorite Photos of 2014


I am always amazed looking back at the end of a year, how much we are able to pack into 365 days.  As I started on the dreaded annual exercise of picking my favorite 10 images, I realized that Peter had 20!!!!  So I have 20 too.  Because images have such a strong emotional resonance for me, they are my memories, it is hard when they don’t make the final cut. Continue reading

Photographing Covered Bridges in Vermont


Henry Bridge

Vermont has nearly 100 covered bridges.  While crisscrossing the state a month ago looking for fall color, Mary and I visited quite a few newer and historic covered bridges.  We were initially disappointed in the “ugly” scenery around many of the bridges, but when we got home, we used creative processing to bring out the essence of these fine old structures.  Here’s how.

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Photography Project – Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)


As I continue to explore the possibilities of moving your camera while the shutter is open, I recently discovered the obvious – not all movements need to be in one direction (e.g. up-and-down, or side-to-side).  I managed to shoot an entire card, just experimenting with “movement shapes”. Continue reading

Shooting Fall Color in Vermont


This is the first of several blogs about our eight day (October 4 – 12) trip driving through Vermont looking for fall color.  We drove 1,200 miles in those eight days, mostly on back roads and small highways.  Here’s how to do it. Continue reading