Mary’s Top Photos of 2016

Winter sunset in Tucson

Winter sunset in Tucson

What a great exercise to look back at a year’s worth of images, re-live the moments when I pushed the shutter, and reflect on the variety of experiences I had.  Every year when Peter asks me (or rather forces me) to do this, I always think “I didn’t really shoot much this year that would make my top 10”.  When I had gathered 25 images and was still adding I realized that I rarely left home with out a camera (or two) in hand.  I think maybe I will post a top 10 iPhone photos of the year too! Continue reading


Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2016

Sunset in Saguaro National Park

Sunset in Saguaro National Park, AZ

Mary and I had a great travel year in 2016.  We took 11 named trips including many weekend jaunts.  We had major trips to Tucson, Maine, Page (AZ), Death Valley, and New Mexico.  We had a variety of locations that were in major cities and in pretty remote locations.  Here are my favorite photos from 2016. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creating Natural Abstracts

Rock Mosaic Triptych

Rock Mosaic Triptych

Peter and I recently took the harrowing 4×4 drive through Death Valley’s Titus Canyon.  After careful research, I declared it “won’t be that bad”.  Two hours later, sitting in the car most of the time, my fitness monitor said I had met my step goal for the day.  I think it was all of the vibrations, and my elevated heart rate that tricked the device.  I did have one good thing come if it, a natural abstract triptych. Continue reading

Photographing Natural Abstracts – Sand Dunes

Sand Dune Abstract

Sand Dune Abstract

Last week Peter wrote about his favorite dune.  To be honest, I just don’t get it.  But it really doesn’t matter, we all have our “things”.  For me, I can spend hours in the sand looking for abstract patterns and shapes. Continue reading

My favorite dune in Death Valley

1602_PSA_Death Valley_059

When we photograph sand dunes in Death Valley, Mary and I like to park at the Stovepipe Wells monument parking area and walk into the low dune field just north.  This is a couple of miles north of the larger Mesquite dunes.  There is a beautiful C-shaped dune about 10 o’clock west from this parking area that has captivated me for years.  For the third time, I made the long hike to go photograph it.  Here is what I saw. Continue reading

Super-bloom in Death Valley Right Now

1602_PSA_Death Valley_044

Mary and I were in Death Valley last weekend and though we really wanted a flooded valley from El Nino rain, we got something as rare – a wild flower “super bloom”.  Because of good rains in December and a nice warm spell in late January and early February, the Desert Gold flowers have exploded.  This is the best wild flower season since 2005.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

A Weekend in Death Valley: Our 4th Trip

Mesquite Dunes

Mesquite Dunes

We have been to Death Valley, now, four times.  Because of wind and rain, weather and erosion, it always looks the same and it always looks different.  We were there the week after Christmas and it was cold with clear skies until our last morning.  Here is what we saw: Continue reading

Peter’s Favorite Photos from 2015

#2 Lone Cypress, Monterey, CA

#2 Lone Cypress, Monterey, CA

It’s that time of year to take stock of 2015 and make plans for 2016.  In 2015, Mary and I took 11 named trips and various other weekend activities.  We made about 10,000 photos in the field and kept around 1,500 of them.  Most of my favorites came from three big trips: Olympic, Rainier, and Death Valley.   Here are my favorite photos of the year. Continue reading

Peter’s Favorite 15 Photos from 2013

#3 Badwater Basin sunset

#3 Badwater Basin sunset, Death Valley, CA

It’s that time again, when Mary and I reflect on all of our great trips from the past year.  We review all of our photos and edit and back them up.  I know Mary always wants me to get down to ten, but herewith, are my favorite 15 photos from 2013.  Which ones do you like best? Continue reading

Discovering an Old Friend

1304_PSA_Death Valley_0136-Edit-Edit

I often times will just take a random bunch of our photo albums out and look at them to reminisce.  (see my blog on Go. See. Photograph.  Remember.) Today, I was looking at our albums from three trips to Death Valley.  In the 2010 and 2013 albums, I noticed the same large dune and it all came back to me.  Here is what happened: Continue reading