He Saw…She Saw…Lower Cataract Lake, CO

As you all know, one of the great joys of being a photography couple is seeing the world through each other’s eyes.  Usually, Mary is tight and telephoto, and I am wide-angle.  Here, we got crossed. Continue reading


Look. See. Imagine. Create. Creede Church Remodel

Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010

Mary and I have photographed the church in Creede Colorado several times.  The last time we where there, it was obvious that it had been renovated.  Obviously, this was great for the community.  However, as a photographer it was terribly disappointing.  The remodel removed, replaced, and repaired things that gave the old church character, but also made it dangerous and unusable.  I am glad we saw it before and after. Continue reading

He Saw. She Saw. Point of View and Color

Mary - always getting to the essence of the subject

Mary – always getting to the essence of the subject

Making photos as a team allows both of us to engage in our own vision of a subject and guarantees we usually have two distinct points of view.  We almost never even have a conversation about this, but invariably we end up covering all the bases of a particular subject.  Here is a good example: Continue reading

He saw…She saw…South Fork, CO

The Cemetery Church in Creede,CO

The Cemetery Church in Creede, CO by Mary

When Mary and I returned from South Fork, CO after a family reunion, we did a joint edit to delete duplicates and poor photos.  Then we were left to our own devices to process. Herewith are two views of what we saw in our third (or fourth, I can’t remember) installment of “He saw…She saw.” Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. Nik’s SilverEffects and ColorEffects Pro

Windmill near...

Windmill processed in SilverEffects Pro “high structure and contrast” with a red filter to make the sky black

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”  Thomas Edison

I agree with old TE as this quote applies quite well to photography.  I will add that of the 99%, most of it is expended in the field planning and executing on making the photograph, but a good portion of the final image quality is based on decisions you make while processing.  I was reminded of this the other day when I tried several interesting effects on this windmill. Continue reading

Once again, what is rule number one?

Back bay hike at Morro Bay, CA

Back bay hike at Morro Bay, CA

Almost every book and blog I read has a set of rules and/or commandments for the aspiring photographer.  I find most of them helpful, but also forgettable.  My favorite set comes from the well known photographer, John Shaw.  However, all of them forget to mention the most important rule of all – ALWAYS CARRY A CAMERA! Continue reading

What does it really take to make a landscape photograph?


Peter has written a couple of times about why photographs cost so much, and what is involved in making a great image.  Below is a link to a short 4 minute video made by one of Jack Graham’s workshop participants.  She does a wonderful job illustrating the long days driving on jarring roads, hauling 20-30 pounds of gear through rough terrain, and spending every minute of the day, from pre-dawn to post-dusk, with people you just met.


What is “combat photography” and how to survive it

Zabriskie Point Sunrise, Death Valley, CA

Zabriskie Point Sunrise, Death Valley, CA

First, this blog is in no way disrespectful to actual combat photographers past, present and future.  If you are the average photographer, your battles will be more close to home AND will be with other photographers.  You know what I mean.  When you go to popular spots or been on a photography workshop, no doubt you have experienced “combat photography.”  If you have not had this experience, here is what its like AND what you can do to survive it. Continue reading

Peter’s Top Ten Favorite Photos from 2012

#6 Moon-set Pismo Beach Pier

#6 Moon-set Pismo Beach Pier

It’s that time to reflect on all of the great trips from last year and pick our favorite images.  We went on twelve “named” photography trips/outings in 2012, just about one a month.  I probably produced 5,000 photos and processed and kept nearly a 1,000.  Here are my ten favorite photographs from 2012. Continue reading

Photographing Colorado: He saw. She saw

Mesa Verde’s Cliff Palace

One of the great joys of our photography partnership is I get to see Mary’s beautiful photos.  I still find it incredible that we will be in the same place, often times, standing right next to each other tripod-to-tripod, and we end up with completely different photographs.  Here are some good examples. Continue reading