Photography Project: Photographing Las Vegas Through a Prism

The Venitian through a prism

A few weeks ago I published a blog about photographing San Francisco through a homemade prism.  I’ve become pretty attached to this thing and am now scheming on how I can photograph ever major city I visit through this prism (if it was only easier to transport). Continue reading


Photographing the Las Vegas Strip

New York New York

On the way back from southern Utah, Mary and I spent a few days in Las Vegas recovering from all of the Best Westerns (though we do love them), bad food, and early mornings.  We relaxed most of the time, but did spend one day walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip from Encore/Wynn to New York New York.  We carried Mary’s infrared Canon Rebel (see Mary’s post on infrared photography) and my Canon G12 and no tripods.  We were looking for architectural abstracts (see Mary’s post on making abstract photos), but also anything else that looked fun.  There are so many things to photograph along the way.  Here are a few of our favorites. Continue reading