Mary’s Top Photos of 2016

Winter sunset in Tucson

Winter sunset in Tucson

What a great exercise to look back at a year’s worth of images, re-live the moments when I pushed the shutter, and reflect on the variety of experiences I had.  Every year when Peter asks me (or rather forces me) to do this, I always think “I didn’t really shoot much this year that would make my top 10”.  When I had gathered 25 images and was still adding I realized that I rarely left home with out a camera (or two) in hand.  I think maybe I will post a top 10 iPhone photos of the year too! Continue reading

He saw. She saw. Graffiti Art in LA #2.


A couple weeks ago, Mary and I had a great experience touring the LA Arts District seeing and photographing street art.  Here is our blog post about how to visit the LA Arts District and make some of these photos yourself.  In this post, we’ll take a look at how Mary and I see the same subject differently. Continue reading

Photographing Nelson, NV

There are a lot of old cars and trucks

There are a lot of old cars and trucks

Sometimes, we photographers can act like a herd when someone finds a “new location.”  Once found, it’s the hot spot for a year or two and then its off to the next “hot” location.  Nelson is not “new”, but has been a “hot spot for a while.”  See why. Continue reading

Photographing the Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas

1512_PSA_Las Vegas_062Everyone loves a pretty neon sign, but have you ever seen a neon sign boneyard?  We went to Las Vegas last month and visited the Neon Sign Bone Yard.  When they demolish a hotel in Las Vegas, inevitably, the old neon signs end up here.  The Neon Sign Bone Yard may be the most fun a photographer can have in 60 minutes.  Here is what you will see. Continue reading

He saw. She saw. A walk around San Francisco

Pier 7

Pier 7

A couple of Saturdays ago, Mary and I went on a great six mile walk through the east side of San Francisco.  We started in Union Square, walked down to the Ferry Building, then along the water to Fisherman’s Warf and Ghirardelli Square, through Little Italy and finally through Chinatown.  There was a lot to see and photograph.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Photographing Mission Santa Ines in Solvang, CA

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_010-Edit

Mary and I have photographed every one of California’s 21 missions, several more than once.  For some reason, the first time we were at Santa Ines it was closed so we only were able to get a few photos from the parking lot.  This past time, we had unfettered access and few crowds, which made for a great day.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Photographing Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in Oceanside, CA

1508_PSA_San Luis Mission_035

Mary and I have photographed all 21 California missions, some more than once.  Last weekend we visited San Luis Rey for the third time and we always see something new.  Here is what you might want to see. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. – Palouse Barn




I wanted to print a few of my favorite photos from last year so I went through my top ten or so and decided I just loved this barn in the Palouse.  Here is how I made this photo. Continue reading

Peter’s Favorite Images from 2014

Mary and I took ten named trips last year.  Instead of ranking my favorite photos from last year, I am going to just present them chronologically from our trips.  Between Mary and I, we usually make about 10,000 images in the field a year.  We kept about 2,000 and I think about 200 are really fine photographs.  Here are my favorite 20 photos from 2014. Continue reading

Photographing the Point Reyes Lighthouse

1412_PSA_Northern Cali_0271-Edit

Point Reyes National Seashore was more crowded than we had expected, especially the lighthouse and the headlands.  On our last evening, we decided to wake up “early” and drive out to the light house and photograph it from the top of the steps beyond the fence.  When a national park ranger decided to open the gate 30 minutes early, we were the only ones there.  We had the light house all to ourselves for 20 glorious minutes.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading