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Alaska in Infrared


Downtown Anchorage from Earthquake Park

While in Alaska a few months back, we had pretty bad weather the whole time we were there.  With the weather, we had few chances to make colorful sunrise or sunset photos, so we made a lot of infrared photographs and processed the images into monochrome.  Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading


Photographing Flowers – Techniques to take the ordinary to extraordinary


When I feel uninspired, I turn to flowers to help break me out of my rut.  Its ironic, I must have a thousand flower images which might be the definition of a rut; but its a subject that encourages exploration and variety.  There is always a new way to photograph a flower or to process one. Continue reading

Quick stop at Turnagain Arm near Anchorage, Alaska

1808_PSA_Alaska IR_1438

We made our way south from Anchorage to Seward a couple of times along the Seward Highway.  We stopped at several spots along the Turnagain Arm which is at the northern end of the Cook Inlet.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

Scanography: Tips for getting started


Ever since seeing the work of a fellow photographer, and an exhibit by a fine artist, I have been fascinated with scanography (the use of a flatbed scanner to create images).  As with most photography, it seemed simple, place a few things on the bed of the scanner and push a button.  I was really wrong.  My skills as a nature photographer were not enough; I didn’t have to worry about focus or exposure, but everything else that is required for a compelling image is even more important when creating a scanography image. Continue reading

Photography Project: One subject three ways


Lately, I’ve been watching Frans Lanting’s CreativeLive class The Art of Seeing:  Macro Techniques for Flowers and Plants.  Seeing him work is a helpful way to expand my perspectives and ability to see everyday life in different ways.  Frans shares that photographing a subject can take different forms:  Finding, Influencing, and Creating.  This is my interpretation of his idea. Continue reading

The view from Flattop Mountain and Blueberry Hill in Anchorage, Alaska


On the first night of our Alaska trip, we headed out to this short hike and look-out after a fantastic salmon dinner with Mark McDermott and Cat Larrea.  This look-out is only a few minutes from their home and has spectacular views.  Here are a few: Continue reading

A boat tour of Prince William Sound


The highlight of our trip to Alaska last month was an all day small boat tour in Prince William Sound.  I was hoping for a few good subjects, and we hit the jack pot.  Here is what we saw: Continue reading

That magic moment: Whale tail in Prince William Sound


This is Dopey.  He/She is a humpback whale.  I am not a wildlife photographer, so it was very special to see this whale.  It was also special because we were on a small boat with good friends.  Here are a few more photos. Continue reading

Photographing the Garden of the Gods

1807_PSA_Colorado Springs_050-Edit

This is the “classic” photo from the visitors’ center (Pikes Peak hidden behind clouds)

We had a short weekend to visit with Mary’s parents and decided to meet in Woodland, CO near Colorado Springs.  Neither of her parents, native Coloradans, had visited the Garden of the Gods, so that was a natural destination for us.  We photographed it twice with mixed results.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

A weekend in Cambria, CA

1807_MFA_Cambria iphone_004

Bluffs hike in Fiscalini Ranch

During July 4th week, Mary and I escaped the heat in LA by heading up the coast to Cambria, the sleepy sea-side town just south of Hearst Castle.  We were really there to relax rather than a hardcore shooting vacation, but we found many good subjects, nonetheless.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading