Photographing Car Emblems

1410_PSA_Cars_010 One of the larger car and air shows in the country takes place at the Los Alamitos Naval Air Station (Wings, Wheels, and Rotors Expo) near my parents home in Cypress, CA.  There were many airplanes and hundreds of classic cars.  What really caught my eye were the car emblems.  Here is how to capture them. 1410_PSA_Cars_057 I used my Sony RX1100 MK II point and shoot and just put it in auto mode.  It was a bit overcast which helped make the light even and flat.  In many of the photos you will see a reflection of me or my Dad as the cars were quite shiny.  I zoomed in to make the focal length about 100mm which is ideal for portraits. 1410_PSA_Cars_056 I used James Brandon Travel pre-sets in Lightroom to process the photos.  I wanted them to have bit of a vintage look as these were vintage cars. 1410_PSA_Cars_055 I really gravitated toward the black and red cars from the 60s. 1410_PSA_Cars_051 1410_PSA_Cars_053 1410_PSA_Cars_052 1410_PSA_Cars_050 1410_PSA_Cars_049 1410_PSA_Cars_047 1410_PSA_Cars_046 1410_PSA_Cars_043 1410_PSA_Cars_042 1410_PSA_Cars_040 1410_PSA_Cars_038 1410_PSA_Cars_037 1410_PSA_Cars_035 1410_PSA_Cars_033 1410_PSA_Cars_031 1410_PSA_Cars_029 1410_PSA_Cars_024 1410_PSA_Cars_022 1410_PSA_Cars_021 1410_PSA_Cars_019 1410_PSA_Cars_016 1410_PSA_Cars_013 I know its a lot, but I liked all of them.  I think my favorite is the black Thunderbird with the white wall tires.  Do you have a favorite? To see (and buy) more of our photographs,please go to

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