Photographing Vermont: the “world famous” Jenne Farm


The “classic shot”

This is the second of a series of blogs about our “chasing fall color in Vermont” trip.  One of the most popular subjects in Vermont is the Jenne Farm just outside of Woodstock, VT.  Here’s what you will see.

There is something about the north-south orientation of the Green Mountains that seemed to “block” traditional sunrise and sunset scenes.  Though Mary and I had two good sunrises and one good sunset, they were both oriented away from the rising and setting sun.  If you actually want to see the sun rise or set below the horizon, the middle of Vermont is not the place.

There are about 5 other photographers out of the frame to the left

There are about 5 other photographers out of the frame to the left

Jenne Farm is not too easy to find, but it is not that hard either with just a few minutes of research.  It is a sunrise shoot and is very very popular.  It is a short drive from Woodstock along a narrow dirt road with little-to-no parking, so get there early.  You will have company.  There seems to be three popular compositions – 1. along the road under the trees, 2. just off the road framing the farm and the trees, 3. a much wider shot from a location 100-200 yards east and north of the road.

Pre-dawn with no light

Pre-dawn with no light

The morning we arrived it was below freezing and we had about 20 other photographers for company.  There is plenty of room and we all found a place for our tripods.  The fun part of this experience is watching the trees change color as the sun finally starts to work its way over them.

First light

First light


A few minutes later

A few minutes later


The road shot under the tree

Full light and get tight

Full light and get tight

It’s all over in about 20 minutes.  After the Jenne Farm, I recommend a quick breakfast in town and then head up Cloudland Road.  See next week’s blog about Cloudland Road farms and barns.

Here is a link to Vermont Fall Color Blog #1.

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