Visions of Tongue Point, WA – He saw. She saw.


The sea stack at Sand Beach around the corner from Tongue Point

Tongue Point is an out cropping of rock in the Salt Creek Recreational Area near Port Angeles,WA.  At low tide it is accessible on foot and you can see many species of marine life, such as, mussels, clams, sea stars, crabs, and kelp.  There is also a prominent sea stack.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Photography Project: Tide Pool Abstracts


This was one of those “making lemonade” experiences.  I went to the Tongue Point tide pools with images of colorful star fish and sea urchins dancing in my mind….I found neither.  What I encountered were a lot of mussels and kelp.  After talking myself off the proverbial ledge and not declaring “this place sucks”, I hunkered down and started to really look. Continue reading

A cold, wet, dreary morning in Olympic: perfect conditions for photography


When photographing waves, they look better when the water is going out

Before photography, I longed for warm sunny days.  Now, I look forward to rain, fog, clouds and dreariness in general, when it comes to weather.  Well, we certainly got what we wanted when we went to the beach in Olympic.  Here’s what we saw. Continue reading

Finding the Subject in Olympic National Park


Photo #1 – There’s still a lot going on here

Mary and I just returned from Olympic National Park in Washington on a Jack Graham custom workshop with a few close photography friends.  Olympic is about water and the color green – beaches, rivers, and lots of foliage.  Here is a story of one shoot on the Sol Duc river.

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Photography Project: Infrared flamingos at the zoo


Flamingo couple

Flamingo couple

As Peter knows, I have these weird infatuations…..and one of them happens to be flamingos.  There is something about them that will captivate me for hours (if Peter would let me stay that long).  I used to be really frustrated photographing them, until I discovered the power of infrared at the zoo.  Now, I don’t shoot with any other type of camera at the zoo. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creative photography at amusement parks

Amusement park swing ride

Amusement park swing ride

As a nature photographer, I find amusement parks to be overwhelming – too much sensory stimulation.  I stopped trying to get the quintessential photographs, and decided to try my hand at creative interpretation.  I had an opportunity recently at Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX.  There were a handful of rides, just enough for me to dip my feet in. Continue reading

The Postcard Shot of the Huntington’s Japanese Garden


My favorite composition and treatment

Mary and I are fortunate to live a few miles from three great public gardens – the Los Angeles Arboretum, the Descanso, and the Huntington Library and Gardens.  The Huntington is our favorite and we have been there at least a hundred times.  Here is how to make one of the iconic photos there – the Japanese Garden.

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Photography Project: Photographing Tulips

Yellow and red tulip

Yellow and red tulip

I love tulip time. My bucket list includes going to Holland to see the tulip fields.  In the meantime, I’ll make do with what I can find at the grocery store.  I tried a few different techniques, some new and some my old standbys to create these images. Continue reading