Photographing Ruby Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  With a severe weather system moving in, we had intermittent rain and no sun our last two days.  However, between the showers we got in a good session at Ruby Falls near the Paradise Inn. Continue reading

Natural Abstracts: Point Lobos Weston Beach

Natural Abstract #1 Point Lobos

Natural Abstract #1 Point Lobos

Peter loves to visit iconic locations, I have to admit I find them intimidating, amazing photographers have already captured the unique essence of the place, what could I possibly have to add?  We recently visited Point Lobos State Park in California, a place where Edward Weston made some of his most memorable images.  I wanted to see the place through his eyes, but also apply my own vision to see if I could come up with a unique series of abstracts. Continue reading

Photographing Sunrise Point in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mount Rainier is in there somewhere

Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  Our longest day was a 50 mile drive from the Paradise Inn to the Sunrise Visitors Center for a (ironically) sunset shoot.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creating the Tin Type Look

1412_MFA_California Infrared_0024-Edit

I love the old-time look of tin type.  I first discovered it in Alien Skin’s Exposure plug in; and was absolutely delighted when Hipstamatic introduced their new TinType app so I could play with it on my phone where ever I was.  After exploring different techniques, here are some tips. Continue reading

Photographing Christine Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  My favorite subject from the entire workshop was the Christine Falls.  The “classic” photo is the one under the bridge, but there are also two other upper sections.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

Photographing Reflection Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park

Spectacular Mount Rainier

Spectacular Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake is three miles east of Paradise and makes for an “easy” sunrise location if if you stay at the Paradise Inn.  There is a lot of parking and a very short walk. Continue reading

Photographing at Inspiration Point, Mt. Rainier National Park

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0025

Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  We usually do not go out the first night, but with good clouds and a threat of severe weather, we headed out to Inspiration Point which was only a few minutes from the Paradise Inn.  I am glad we did. Continue reading

Tips for Photographing Americana

Rusty old truck

Rusty old truck


I was first inspired by Americana even before I became a photographer.  We were driving on a Hawaiian island and pass an old gas station with a sign hanging from a vintage gas pump proclaiming to the world they were “Too Pooped to Pump”.  Since then I’ve always looked for opportunities for artifacts that tell a story about our past – whether its the actual subject, the wear and tear, the color of the rust… all communicates about something layered and deep. Continue reading

Photographing Comet Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0009-Edit

My “finished” image

As we rolled into Mount Rainier National Park, Mary and I were looking for a warm up hike to shake the stiffness from our flight and drive.  3.8 miles and 90 stories (900 feel elevation gain) later, we got a bit more than we bargained for. Continue reading

Photography Project: Abstracts with Fiber Optic Light

Circle and Line Abstract

This project belongs in the category of:  looks easier than it is.  I saw it in a magazine, and am not one to pass up a new take on abstracts.  So I ordered a cheap fiber optic light through Amazon, watched as Peter unpacked it, and to my amazement he said nothing.  I guess nothing I do surprises him much anymore. Continue reading