Look. See. Imagine. Create. – Palouse Barn




I wanted to print a few of my favorite photos from last year so I went through my top ten or so and decided I just loved this barn in the Palouse.  Here is how I made this photo. Continue reading

Photography Project: Create a pencil sketch from a photograph

Sketch of moon bridge at the Huntington's Japanese Garden

Sketch of moon bridge at the Huntington’s Japanese Garden

Someday I will get myself enrolled in a proper art class, in the meantime I will continue to extend my photographic journey into different directions.  This week, I decided to give a pencil sketch technique a go. Continue reading

Temecula Vineyards in Infrared

Ponte Vineyard

Ponte Vineyard

Mary and I spent last weekend at the Ponte Vineyard Inn in Temecula, CA.  It has a great new facility, great restaurant, and nice wine.  This was not a “photography” trip, but we did manage to get out and around the place and had some fun with our infrared cameras.  Here’s what it looked like. Continue reading

Photography Project: Making a vintage postcard

Vintage postcard of old barn in Palouse Washington

When I first started photography, I was very excited to learn Photoshop.  That lasted about an hour, before I realized that I was so in over my head that I could not figure out how to do the simplest tasks.  Forty hours of night school at a community college, and I thought I had it down, then I picked up Photoshop magazine….. Continue reading

Photography Project: Textured image of azaleas

Textured painterly image of pink and purple azaleas

Textured painterly image of pink and purple azaleas

I love spring flowers.  The small isolated early bloomer to patches of vibrant blossoms.  I typically pull out my macro lens and whittle away hours.  This year I am going to try a different tact, trying to capture many blooms in one frame (I’ll still do the single flower thing, but I am working on my “wide-angle” eyes. Continue reading

Photography project: Create a gritty monotone

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Sometimes I get an image, that has the right feel, but has a lot of things against it technically speaking.  I actually tossed this image, and then resurrected it from the recycle bin after reading how to do a gritty monotone technique.  The article suggested working with a street scene; being a nature photographer I used what I had…. Continue reading

A hike in the desert – He Saw. She Saw.



When Mary and I get home from a trip and download our photos, my favorite thing to do is compare our compositions.  I am the wide angle person and she is the one who sees the details.  Our Scottsdale trip was no different.

Continue reading

Photography Project: Abstracts with Cabbage

Photograph of a cabbage close-up

Photograph of a cabbage close-up

As I was titling this post, I wondered if there was another post out in the blogsphere with this title…..I decided to play about bit before making lunch this weekend (Peter had a few things to say when he realized he would be eating my photography subject after I had been messing around with it for 20 minutes).  I was surprised at the different ways to interpret a lowly old head of cabbage. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. A walk through the desert.

Infrared processed in Color Efex Pro Bleach By Pass

Infrared file processed in Nik’s Color Efex Pro Bleach Bypass

Mary and I went to Phoenix for the weekend to see family and scout sites in case the wild flowers take off this spring.  We had a good walk at the Desert Botanical Garden in Scottsdale and a good hike at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing Disneyland

Disney Collage 2

I am fortunate enough to live about an hour from Disneyland and we are able to go there once or twice a year.  I suffer from severe motion sickness, so I can only go on a couple of the rides.  I have found photography to be a great way to spend my day, while my family enjoys the Disneyland experience. Continue reading