Photography project: Create a gritty monotone

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Monotone of hiker and saguaro

Sometimes I get an image, that has the right feel, but has a lot of things against it technically speaking.  I actually tossed this image, and then resurrected it from the recycle bin after reading how to do a gritty monotone technique.  The article suggested working with a street scene; being a nature photographer I used what I had…. Continue reading

A hike in the desert – He Saw. She Saw.



When Mary and I get home from a trip and download our photos, my favorite thing to do is compare our compositions.  I am the wide angle person and she is the one who sees the details.  Our Scottsdale trip was no different.

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Photography Project: Abstracts with Cabbage

Photograph of a cabbage close-up

Photograph of a cabbage close-up

As I was titling this post, I wondered if there was another post out in the blogsphere with this title…..I decided to play about bit before making lunch this weekend (Peter had a few things to say when he realized he would be eating my photography subject after I had been messing around with it for 20 minutes).  I was surprised at the different ways to interpret a lowly old head of cabbage. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. A walk through the desert.

Infrared processed in Color Efex Pro Bleach By Pass

Infrared file processed in Nik’s Color Efex Pro Bleach Bypass

Mary and I went to Phoenix for the weekend to see family and scout sites in case the wild flowers take off this spring.  We had a good walk at the Desert Botanical Garden in Scottsdale and a good hike at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing Disneyland

Disney Collage 2

I am fortunate enough to live about an hour from Disneyland and we are able to go there once or twice a year.  I suffer from severe motion sickness, so I can only go on a couple of the rides.  I have found photography to be a great way to spend my day, while my family enjoys the Disneyland experience. Continue reading

Photographing Sonoma Coast State Park

School House Beach

School House Beach

Sonoma Coast State Park is a series of beaches separated by rock bluffs and headlands that run about 17 miles along CA Highway 1 from Bodega Head to Vista Trail near Jenner.  Mary and I drove from Healdsburg to the coast on Westside Road and Highway 116 that runs along the Russian River with several nice towns and many wineries a long the way. Continue reading

Photography Project: Aerial Photographs with Geometric Shapes

1501_MFA_ariel _011I am still in the infrared photography from plane windows kick.  This time I am focusing on geometric shapes on the ground.  I have found when I start clicking away people in front and behind me also start clicking away.  I often wonder if they ask themselves “why on earth am I taking a picture of farmland?”. Continue reading

Mary Andrade’s Favorite Photos of 2014


I am always amazed looking back at the end of a year, how much we are able to pack into 365 days.  As I started on the dreaded annual exercise of picking my favorite 10 images, I realized that Peter had 20!!!!  So I have 20 too.  Because images have such a strong emotional resonance for me, they are my memories, it is hard when they don’t make the final cut. Continue reading

Photography Project: Processing Using a Mat Style

Water Abstract with Mat Look

Water Abstract with Mat Look

Sometimes I wonder if our visual sensibilities have been “over-juiced” with high-contrast, highly-saturated photos.  When I started working with a mat style approach something in the back of my head said “now that looks like a photograph”.  I asked myself, why. Continue reading

Peter’s Favorite Images from 2014

Mary and I took ten named trips last year.  Instead of ranking my favorite photos from last year, I am going to just present them chronologically from our trips.  Between Mary and I, we usually make about 10,000 images in the field a year.  We kept about 2,000 and I think about 200 are really fine photographs.  Here are my favorite 20 photos from 2014. Continue reading