Photographing strange signs

Can liquor be anything other than intoxicating?

Can liquor be anything other than intoxicating?

When I first started down the photography rabbit hole, I encountered in a thousand different places the message “you will learn to see differently”….yeah, OK, righto.  Sounded like a bunch of touchy feely stuff to me…..until….. Continue reading

A few photos of northern Big Sur

Rocky Creek Bridge

Rocky Creek Bridge

We have spent more than 10 days in the last two years photographing Big Sur.  Not bad for a couple of So Cal denizens.  The last time we were up there we spent half a day driving from Pebble Beach to Hurricane Point.  Because we were on “vacation” we did not get up early for sunrise and did our best with 10-to-2 shooting.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

Photography Project: Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography - cypress tree with ocean

Pinhole photography – cypress tree with ocean

I’ve always been intrigued by pinhole photography, there is an ethereal quality to it and a feeling that hearkens back to “old times”.  My first foray into pinhole photography was with a Lensbaby optic, I was so frustrated I put the optic away, that was 4 years ago.  And then I read an article in a photography magazine last month….. Continue reading

Photographing Point Lobos State Park

Old Veteran Monterey Cypress

Old Veteran Monterey Cypress

When on the Monterey Peninsula, a half day visit to the Point Lobos state park is a must.  If you don’t mind a little crowding and a lot of walking, this is a gem.  Located on some of the prettiest coastline in the world, there is plenty to see and photograph. Continue reading

A day on the west side of Pinnacles National Park


Pinnacles is our newest national park.  It is a bit out of the way near the small town of Soledad, 120 miles south of San Francisco.  The park has an east entrance and west entrance and no through road.  We went in the west side and spent a few hours hiking.  Here is what you might see:

Continue reading

Photographing Mission Santa Ines in Solvang, CA

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_010-Edit

Mary and I have photographed every one of California’s 21 missions, several more than once.  For some reason, the first time we were at Santa Ines it was closed so we only were able to get a few photos from the parking lot.  This past time, we had unfettered access and few crowds, which made for a great day.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading

Photography Project: The Weston Beach Take 2

Kelp arrangement

Kelp arrangement

Last week, I blogged about being on the same beach as Edward Weston, and seeing the same things he did.  It was an amazing and special experience.  I started exploring abstracts, and then quickly got diverted by the interesting “sea food” that had washed up on the beach. Continue reading

Photographing Ruby Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  With a severe weather system moving in, we had intermittent rain and no sun our last two days.  However, between the showers we got in a good session at Ruby Falls near the Paradise Inn. Continue reading

Natural Abstracts: Point Lobos Weston Beach

Natural Abstract #1 Point Lobos

Natural Abstract #1 Point Lobos

Peter loves to visit iconic locations, I have to admit I find them intimidating, amazing photographers have already captured the unique essence of the place, what could I possibly have to add?  We recently visited Point Lobos State Park in California, a place where Edward Weston made some of his most memorable images.  I wanted to see the place through his eyes, but also apply my own vision to see if I could come up with a unique series of abstracts. Continue reading

Photographing Sunrise Point in Mt. Rainier National Park


Mount Rainier is in there somewhere

Mary and I just got back from a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in Mount Rainier National Park.  Our longest day was a 50 mile drive from the Paradise Inn to the Sunrise Visitors Center for a (ironically) sunset shoot.  Here is what we saw. Continue reading