Photography Project: One Subject, Multiple Interpretations

1408_MFA_Philly IR_014-Edit

After a year’s hiatus I decided to pick up David du Chemin’s Visual Toolkit and start where I had left off.  This week’s project was to find one subject and create 6-8 interpretations by changing your perspective.  I decided to take it a little further……. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. Creede Church Remodel

Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010

Mary and I have photographed the church in Creede Colorado several times.  The last time we where there, it was obvious that it had been renovated.  Obviously, this was great for the community.  However, as a photographer it was terribly disappointing.  The remodel removed, replaced, and repaired things that gave the old church character, but also made it dangerous and unusable.  I am glad we saw it before and after. Continue reading

The Best (and Worst) of California’s Missions

1007_MFA_Mission Santa Barbara_063

Mary and I have now seen and photographed every California Mission, some of them more than once.  We have many blogs on this site about individual missions and two popular blogs about how to photograph the missions, in general.  Herewith, is our summary of the very best (and not so good) of these sites (please discuss): Continue reading

Creative Photography: Sample techniques for processing flowers



I thought I would continue Peter’s thoughts from last week, by using different techniques to process a similar subject.  All of these flowers were taken on a Lightpad.  It was a challenge to take a step back and ask myself, “What do I want this image to look like when I finish?”, and then find the software that would give me the capability to create it.  It was a lot of trial and error (and time), but I am please with the results.

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Photographing Trains at the Orange Empire Railway Museum Part 2

Black and White with color painted back in

Color capture converted to black and white with red painted back in

Last week, we introduced you to the Orange Empire Railway Museum (see last week’s blog).  It is a bit out of the way in Perris, CA, but well worth a day trip for photographers, families, and train enthusiasts.  This week we concentrate on processing these terrific subjects.  Here is how: Continue reading

Creative Photography: Using Topaz’s Restyle


For those who follow us regularly, you know that I am in the exploring creative blurs and camera movement.  I sometimes find there is a mismatch between the color and tonality in the image and the graphic nature of the movement.  This is when I turn to Topaz’s Restyle to see if I can re-imagine the image and make it cohesive. Continue reading

Photographing Trains at the Orange Empire Railway Museum Part 1

1408_PSA_Train Infared_027-Edit

Who does not love an old train or street car?  They are so much about our history and culture.  The Orange Empire Railway Museum is a bit out of the way in Perris, CA, but well worth a day trip for photographers, families, and train enthusiasts.  Here is what you might see. Continue reading

Photography Project: Collage from one type of subject

Wheel Collage MFA

If you’ve been following us for awhile then you know I’m a sucker for collages.  When Peter and I were in the Palouse, we spent the morning at the Dahmen barn where the owner’s life project was welding thousands of wheels together to create a fence around the property.  I could have spent days there.

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He Saw. She Saw. Photographing Street Signs in Hollywood


Peter and I are often surprised when we do a joint edit of our images after a photography excursion.  We can be in the same place, at the same time, and yet interpret a subject so differently.  In this installment of “He Saw, She Saw,” we are roaming Hollywood Boulevard with our infrared cameras photographing one of our favorite subjects – street signs. Continue reading

Photographing the Huntington Gardens in Infrared

1407_MFA_Huntington Infrared_009-Edit

Peter and I recently attended an infrared workshop lead by Nevada Wier.  Neveda inspired both of us to try to work with the color spectrum in our infrared cameras differently.  The day after the workshop, I was so excited about my new knowledge, that I took my camera to one of my favorite places, the Huntington Gardens, and gave it a go.  It was exciting to see a familiar place in such a different way. Continue reading