A Great Subject Processed Three Ways

Processed in Color Efex Pro 2 with Brenda Tharp's Landscape Glamour Glow Recipe

Processed in Color Efex with Brenda Tharp’s Landscape Glamour Glow Recipe

Mary and I stayed at the Airlie Hotel in Northern Virginia last weekend.  One morning, the fog had rolled in and we walked around the resort before breakfast searching for subjects.  In the middle of a small lake was this “tree island.”  Here are a few ways I processed this great subject. Continue reading

Photography Project: Texturing Flowers


I love taking photographs of flowers, but I have to admit sometimes I even get bored looking at flower images. I was recently photographing at the Huntington Garden, practicing with my Fuji XE2 and a Fuji macro and captured these images. Continue reading

Fix Your Photo by Making it a Panorama

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, CA

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, CA

I have written here before that you can improve your photos quickly in just five steps – 1. Correct the exposure.  2. Increase contrast. 3.Increase saturation.  4. Increase structure.  Finally, 5. Crop it. (see our blog).  I think the most powerful crop is a panorama.  See why? Continue reading

Infrared Photography Portraiture

1407_MFA_Portrait Infrared_026-Edit-2

I recently completed an infrared photography workshop led by Nevada Wier.  During the workshop I was inspired to try photographing people in infrared, and instead of converting directly to black and white, using the colors that were already present in my infrared capture.  I had many “ah-ha’s” the most fascinating is …. make up doesn’t really matter in infrared.  A woman can look great without an ounce of make-up on. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creative Abstracts with Flowers


Continuing from last week, in this post are close-up images of a sunflower and daisy bouquet focusing on line, color, and shape.  I am always surprised at how different a subject looks through an extreme macro lens…..who knew that the edge of a sunflower petal could have such grace and movement?

Continue reading

The LA Zoo in Infrared

1407_MFA_zoo infrared_0091In July, Mary and I attended an infrared workshop at the Los Angeles Center of Photography led by Nevada Weir.  One of our excursions was to the Los Angeles Zoo.  I would not of thought to photograph the zoo in infrared, but it turned out to be really rewarding for both learning and capturing a few great photos.  Here is what we saw: Continue reading

Photography Project: Creative Abstracts from Flower Close-ups


This week I did an exercise from David du Chemin’s Visual Imagery book.  The exercise was to buy a bouquet of flowers and create abstracts focused on line and color.  In this post I highlight how color can shift the entire nature of an image and abstract it to the point where the subject is unrecognizable.  Anyone want to take a guess what the cover image on this post is? Continue reading

Photography Project: One Subject, Multiple Interpretations

1408_MFA_Philly IR_014-Edit

After a year’s hiatus I decided to pick up David du Chemin’s Visual Toolkit and start where I had left off.  This week’s project was to find one subject and create 6-8 interpretations by changing your perspective.  I decided to take it a little further……. Continue reading

Look. See. Imagine. Create. Creede Church Remodel

Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010

Mary and I have photographed the church in Creede Colorado several times.  The last time we where there, it was obvious that it had been renovated.  Obviously, this was great for the community.  However, as a photographer it was terribly disappointing.  The remodel removed, replaced, and repaired things that gave the old church character, but also made it dangerous and unusable.  I am glad we saw it before and after. Continue reading