Photography Project: Inspired by Art


I have had this project on my list for awhile, and have had lots of ideas, but have not had the time to execute.  This photo was taken a couple of years ago as a first step into being inspired by art.  I want to take it further so it isn’t just a literal translation, but an influence.  I’ll keep at it…. Continue reading

Photographing Pond Reflections

Close-up at Emerald Lake

Close-up at Emerald Lake (Mary’s best)

One of great joys of nature photographing is finding and making photos of reflections in lakes.  You must have great subjects to make a great photo.  We found plenty of fall color along the many lakes and ponds in Vermont.  Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

Photography Project – Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)


As I continue to explore the possibilities of moving your camera while the shutter is open, I recently discovered the obvious – not all movements need to be in one direction (e.g. up-and-down, or side-to-side).  I managed to shoot an entire card, just experimenting with “movement shapes”. Continue reading

Photographing Barns in Vermont


After photographing the Jenne Farm, Mary and I were off to Cloudland road to find more barns and fall color.  Over the next few days we saw quite a few barns and “sugar shacks.”  Here are some of our favorites. Continue reading

Photography and Color: Using Topaz’s Restyle


So how important is color really?  I mean I have a lot of people tell me that black and white photographs are “real art” – so what are the color ones?  Nice posters?  Maybe this is a debate we can take up here at pamphotography.

I love reflections, usually its the color that draws me in, but then its the shapes and movement in the water.  Often times I will get home and realize, I’m not really excited about the colors that drew me in in the first place (especially if they are those anemic 70′s golds and greens. Continue reading

Photography and Color: Does it really make a difference?


I think we all know the answer is “yes”, but do we really realize how much?  I mean, is there really a color you can’t stand?  (maybe brown for me), but most colors are attractive, so maybe the question is, which ones draw you in more and why. Continue reading

Shooting Fall Color in Vermont


This is the first of several blogs about our eight day (October 4 – 12) trip driving through Vermont looking for fall color.  We drove 1,200 miles in those eight days, mostly on back roads and small highways.  Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

Photographing Sunsets


A colorful sunset never fails to take my breath away (and to stop me from talking for a few minutes).  You hear the adage, the best camera, is the one you have with you.  Ever since getting my Fuji, it is always in my bag.  I was at a work event, and was able to take a few snaps, before everyone gave up on the “new girl” as having a hopeless case of the shutter bug. Continue reading

Once again, how do we blur water?

.5 second at f/9.  This is my favorite one.

.5 second at f/9. This is my favorite one.

One of the great creative joys of photography is learning to blur running water.  This kind of photo never gets old and is always visually appealing because you never actually see it, in real time.  In this case, the camera can see the world at a much slower speed than our eyes.  Here’s how to do it. Continue reading