Photographing Sunsets


A colorful sunset never fails to take my breath away (and to stop me from talking for a few minutes).  You hear the adage, the best camera, is the one you have with you.  Ever since getting my Fuji, it is always in my bag.  I was at a work event, and was able to take a few snaps, before everyone gave up on the “new girl” as having a hopeless case of the shutter bug. Continue reading

Once again, how do we blur water?

.5 second at f/9.  This is my favorite one.

.5 second at f/9. This is my favorite one.

One of the great creative joys of photography is learning to blur running water.  This kind of photo never gets old and is always visually appealing because you never actually see it, in real time.  In this case, the camera can see the world at a much slower speed than our eyes.  Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

Photography Project: Creating Square Mosiacs

Mono Mosiac 2

Its been awhile since I’ve had “project playtime”.  Much to Peter’s delight, this week’s project did not involve water, oil, sharp objects, or objects being dropped from high places.  I decided to try one of Digital Photo’s Photoshop projects using an image I took in Amsterdam, and an image from Virginia. Continue reading

Photography Project: Seeing Lines and Curves


This is becoming a common theme for me – I am becoming more aware of lines and curves and often see them in airports as I am pacing the concourses trying to burn calories before my flight.  Several chapters in David DuChemin’s Visual Toolbox, involve looking at lines and playing with their effect on an image.

Continue reading

Photographing Civil War Battlefields

Gouverneur Warren Statue on Little Round Top, Gettysburg National Battlefield Park, PA

Gouverneur Warren Statue on Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA

Mary and I have visited almost half of our National Parks and several National Battlefields.  There are many more battlefields than national parks, but if you spend just a little time in and around northern Virginia, you can see quite a few of the most important of them.  Here are a few photos from Manassas and Gettysburg. Continue reading

Photographing at Public Gardens

1407_MFA_RSA Infrared_003-Edit

Peter and I recently became members of the Los Angles Arboretum.  As part of their reciprocity program with over 250 gardens nationwide, I was able to use my membership to enter the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden.  There butterfly sanctuary made the morning extra exciting. Continue reading

A Great Subject Processed Three Ways

Processed in Color Efex Pro 2 with Brenda Tharp's Landscape Glamour Glow Recipe

Processed in Color Efex with Brenda Tharp’s Landscape Glamour Glow Recipe

Mary and I stayed at the Airlie Hotel in Northern Virginia last weekend.  One morning, the fog had rolled in and we walked around the resort before breakfast searching for subjects.  In the middle of a small lake was this “tree island.”  Here are a few ways I processed this great subject. Continue reading

Photography Project: Texturing Flowers


I love taking photographs of flowers, but I have to admit sometimes I even get bored looking at flower images. I was recently photographing at the Huntington Garden, practicing with my Fuji XE2 and a Fuji macro and captured these images. Continue reading

Fix Your Photo by Making it a Panorama

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, CA

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, CA

I have written here before that you can improve your photos quickly in just five steps – 1. Correct the exposure.  2. Increase contrast. 3.Increase saturation.  4. Increase structure.  Finally, 5. Crop it. (see our blog).  I think the most powerful crop is a panorama.  See why? Continue reading