He Saw. She Saw. Palouse Compositions


Haunted House - color infrared (Mary)

Haunted House – color infrared by Mary

This is the the last of our blogs about our epic trip to the Palouse region of southeastern Washington.  The peculiar and picturesque Palouse geography consists of more or less random humps and hollows of silt dunes which have been planted with wheat and other crops.  It also has an abundance of barns and other interesting subjects.  Here are a few examples of how to see and photo the same subjects differently. Continue reading

1 Barn, 7 Ways – Using Nik’s Analog and Silver Efex Pro


Analog Efex: Vintage Camera #2

This week must be topsy-turvy week here at PAM Photography.  Mary wrote a travel blog on Wednesday and now I am writing a software blog on Saturday.  For those of you who know us well, this is the complete opposite of our usual interests.  Here is another example of why we love Nik Software. Continue reading

Photographing the Denver Botanical Gardens


I grew up in Denver, and never really remembered the Botanical gardens being as wonderful as they are; what stuck in my mind was the hot and humid conservatory and traipsing behind my parents who were ooohhhing and ahhhing over every little flower.  Peter and I recently made an unplanned stop at the gardens during a family visit, with just small cameras in hand.  Continue reading

Photographing the Palouse at Sunrise and Sunset

Mary waiting for sunset on Steptoe Butte

Mary waiting for sunset on Steptoe Butte

If you want to get the “classic” Palouse photo of rolling green hills with barns and buildings with crisp shadows and beautiful yellow light, you must photograph at sunrise and sunset.  The mid-day sun will not produce the shadows you need on the low hills.  Doing this around the summer solstice means long days starting around 4 AM and ending around 10 PM.  Here is how to do it. Continue reading

How to take better pictures at Disneyland (or any amusement park)


Disneyland is a tradition in our family.  Unfortunately I suffer from severe motion sickness which limits me to about two adult rides.  The last few years, I have gone with different cameras in tow, and discovered a whole new challenge to taking pictures at Disneyland.   Its not the place to give in to my perfectionist tendencies, there are tons of people, its hot, and the sun is bright.  My strategy is to try to make lemonade, no matter how sour the ingredients.  The photos that accompany this post were taken on my Canon S110 or my iPhone.  Here are some tips to help you explore any amusement park you may visit. Continue reading

Photographing Barns in the Palouse


Barns are a favorite subject for any photographer.  We love red ones especially, but will take any old barn in a field.  Here are some of the best barns we saw in the Palouse region of south eastern Washington a few weeks ago. Continue reading

Photographing the Palouse from Steptoe Butte

Sunrise on Steptoe Butte

Sunrise on Steptoe Butte

This is the third post in an extended series of blogs about the Palouse region in Washington State.  We spent fours days photographing wheat fields, barns, and other unique subjects.  Here is what you might see from Steptoe Butte. Continue reading

Using Creative Photography Techniques in The Palouse


Peter and I just returned from a terrific Jack Graham and Bill Fortney workshop in the Palouse region of Washington.  Many photographers have captured the beauty of this place, and while I tried my hand at the grand and intimate landscapes, I also explored some creative techniques.  Peter will blog more on this wonderful location.  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of my images using creative techniques both during  capture and in post-processing.  These techniques can be used on a variety of subjects. Continue reading

Photographing the Palouse Falls in Washington

The iconic composition

The iconic composition

Most photographers go to the Palouse region of southeastern Washington state for the magnificent fields of wheat, barley, and peas.  Palouse Falls State Park is a bit out of the way, but well worth the side trip.

Continue reading

Photography project: creative blurs

1405_MFA_DU Abstracts_146

I am currently reading David DuChemin’s ebook:  The Visual Imagination.  One of the exercises he suggests is to hunker down and create blurred images of a subject using many variations.  If you have been following us for awhile then you know I am “focus challenged”.  This assignment was perfect for me. Continue reading