Photographing Car Emblems

1410_PSA_Cars_010 One of the larger car and air shows in the country takes place at the Los Alamitos Naval Air Station (Wings, Wheels, and Rotors Expo) near my parents home in Cypress, CA.  There were many airplanes and hundreds of classic cars.  What really caught my eye were the car emblems.  Here is how to capture them. Continue reading

Photography Project: Everyday travel photography

Girl at the Oklahoma City Art Museum

Girl at the Oklahoma City Art Museum

Something happened to me when I developed a passion for landscape photography, I stopped taking snapshots of everyday adventures with my family.  All of the sudden, I switched off the desire to document my life, when I switched on trying to develop my creative eye.  A docent at the local museum, helped me realize what I was skipping. Continue reading

Photographing Covered Bridges in Vermont


Henry Bridge

Vermont has nearly 100 covered bridges.  While crisscrossing the state a month ago looking for fall color, Mary and I visited quite a few newer and historic covered bridges.  We were initially disappointed in the “ugly” scenery around many of the bridges, but when we got home, we used creative processing to bring out the essence of these fine old structures.  Here’s how.

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Photography Project: Photographing People through a Prism


After experimenting with prisms on things, I turned my focus to the girls.  They are always great about playing along.  Following the principles I shared last week, I focused on simplifying the scene and making sure they were strong as the central image. Continue reading

Photography Project: Photographing through a Prism

Natualis Shell through a Prism

Natualis Shell through a Prism

Ever since I did the photography project using a kaleidoscope, I’ve become enamored with prisms.  I bought a triangular prism through a school science supply company, carried it with me for a year, but never really mastered the technique.  When I discovered vintage prism filters that fit on your camera lens, I thought I had stumbled onto nirvana. Continue reading

Vermont Waterfalls and Creeks



Little Black Brook at the Appalachian Trail on the Mt. Tabor Road

I knew when we went to Vermont, we would see great fall color.  What I did not know, was we would see so many creeks and brooks and waterfalls.  Here are our favorites.

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Photography Project: Inspired by Art


I have had this project on my list for awhile, and have had lots of ideas, but have not had the time to execute.  This photo was taken a couple of years ago as a first step into being inspired by art.  I want to take it further so it isn’t just a literal translation, but an influence.  I’ll keep at it…. Continue reading

Photographing Pond Reflections

Close-up at Emerald Lake

Close-up at Emerald Lake (Mary’s best)

One of great joys of nature photographing is finding and making photos of reflections in lakes.  You must have great subjects to make a great photo.  We found plenty of fall color along the many lakes and ponds in Vermont.  Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading